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Just exactly exactly How Euphoria is attempting to shatter just exactly what it indicates to become a ‘real woman’

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23rd August

Jules does not want to just ‘conquer femininity’ but obliterate it.

Euphoria (2019 television show)

Warning: Spoilers for Euphoria through episode 7 ahead.

An element of the selling point of Euphoria, besides its rather controversial simply simply take about what Generation Z is as much as, would be the fact that the show manages to deal with hefty, real-world ideas without getting excessively heavy-handed about any of it.

Euphoria has been able to do that with topics like toxic masculinity, human anatomy positivity, addiction, and much more. And today, it is tackling the notion of femininity, or, more especially, just exactly just what it indicates in modern society to be “a genuine woman.”