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As Various Lesbians Have Actually Had Intercourse with Guys, Taking the full Sexual History Is Essential

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4th January

A log of peer-reviewed research

Approximately three-quarters of lesbians whom taken care of immediately a mag study experienced sexual activity with males, and almost two-thirds have experienced unprotected heterosexual sexual intercourse. One-sixth of participants have ever endured rectal intercourse by having a male partner, while the exact exact exact same percentage have ever endured a std (STD). Researchers analyzing the study outcomes mention that clinicians should become aware of the requirement to just simply take the full history that is sexual of lesbian clients, therefore possibilities to refer ladies for needed Pap smears or STD assessment will not be missed. 1

Good reproductive wellness policy begins with legitimate research

The data originate from reactions to a 186-item questionnaire that had been included being an insert within the March 1995 dilemma of The Advocate, a nationwide newsmagazine for … Read More »