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The biggest issue using the claim is the fact that it immediately remakes any conversation about sex work into its very own image.

22nd January

When you begin the conversationBu believing that prostitution is rooted within the rape of kids, any recommendation that intercourse employees may be grownups that have made a financial choice appears like an effort to supply address for the rapists.

“It distorts the discussion since it’s a rather view that is narrow of the sex industry functions,” Audacia Ray claims. ” it means the impulse is the fact that everybody is into the intercourse industry are victims of these situation that are disempowered and have now no autonomy with no other abilities. That is really harmful. As well as, once you treat an entire populace as victims, that very process is victimizing since it takes away agency and individual narratives about how exactly they got here.”

Kristina Dolgin, an old intercourse worker and activist because of the bay area chapter of this Sex … Read More »