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Confused Chapter 5

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5th February

Confused Chapter 5

1984, novel by George Orwell, the principle carácter is Winston Smith, member of the Outer Social gathering from Oceania, which is a state (fictional) representing each England and America. One key element of the manipulation in 1984 is newspeak, which has similarities to English, particularly grammatically, however there is just one word for any idea and no vocabulary for words or ideas the federal government does not want mentioned. This lesson will start with a brief recap of chapter 7 of e book 2 of 1984, and can then include a summary of chapter 8. Bolstered by what he perceived to be nonverbal help of his anti-Celebration emotions, Winston resolved to start his diary that day.

Winston is employed as an editor (learn: creator of propagandistic lies) within the Data Department on the Ministry of Truth, a few kilometer … Read More »