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UK Players Banned from Betting on Open Championship Golf

3rd March

Lee Travino, who bet on himself to win the 1971 Open Championship at 14-1 and blew away the field. (Image:

The globe’s most readily useful golfers are up in arms this at the Open Championship in the UK, where they have been asked to sign a waiver to declare that they will not place bets on the outcome of the championship week. Betting is something of a tradition for many players at the Open, because, of course, sports betting is completely legal and easily available in Britain. At the 1971 Open, Lee Travino famously bet £100 ($171) on himself at 14-1, which helped him to almost triple his prize money as he blew away the field.

However, for the first time at the Open, the R&A, the regulating body for the game outside the US, has officially warned players that … Read More »