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The wrong method to deal with Minority Broadcasters

6th March

“the theory is that, Nexstar’s long-lasting dedication ended up being to assist MBG get a safe footing in broadcasting, obtain more TV channels and, eventually, become a thriving minority broadcaster with its very own right. The truth is, it absolutely was something different.” -Pluria Marshall Jr., Marshall Broadcasting Group

You that you can count the number of African-American commercial TV station owners in the U.S. on one hand, I mean it literally when I tell. You can find just five – and I’m one of these.

Significantly less than 1percent for the nation’s 1,400-plus commercial tv stations are owned by African-Americans – a shocking and shameful reality in a nation that purports to function as world’s exemplory case of a totally free and diverse press. Minority media ownership is a simple section of our dedication to produce and help … Read More »