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This dissertation examines the usually astonishing part associated with the slave characters of Greek Old Comedy in intimate humor

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9th March

Building on work we started in my own 2009 Classical article that is quarterly”An Aristophanic Slave: comfort 819-1126″). The slave characters of the latest and Roman comedy have actually very long been the main topic of productive interest that is scholarly slave characters in Old Comedy, in comparison, have obtained fairly small attention (the only real extensive research being Stefanis 1980). Yet a better look during the ancestors for the later, more familiar comic slaves provides brand brand new perspectives on Greek attitudes toward intercourse where to find latin women and status that is social along with just exactly what an Athenian audience expected from and enjoyed in Old Comedy. More over, my arguments on how to read a few passages involving slave characters, if accepted, may have bigger implications for the interpretation of specific performs.

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