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What’s the Real Price of Sex-Crime Recidivism

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12th March

One phrase in a 1986 magazine that is mass-market to sway court situations involving intercourse offenders.

During the early 1980s, rehabilitation therapist Robert Longo could not have understood that convicted sex offenders to his work will make him a small celebrity. In the right time, he had been operating an application in the Oregon State Hospital to deal with and rehabilitate prisoners that has committed intercourse crimes. It absolutely was a field that is new and Longo says they certainly were making use of exactly just just what at that time had been considered revolutionary approaches: aversive fitness, management of Depo-Provera to lessen testosterone amounts, and penile plethysmography to determine arousal.

In 1985, documentary filmmaker John Zaritsky learned about Longo’s work and provided him a call. Oregon’s system had been showcased prominently into the HBO that is resulting special … Read More »